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The program is for customers who want to become Collaborators (Brand Ambassador) with an easy way to participate and an attractive commission mechanism when introducing new customers for Kangnam. With Kangnam, share and spread beauty to millions of women.
All customers can participate in the Kangnam Brand
Ambassador Program

Supported with tools, documents and instructions from A-Z

There is a specially customers service team for Brand Ambassadors

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Benefits now

Create "Good fate"
Helping many women feel secure in finding a safe and reputable beauty salon
  • Kangnam Aesthetics Hospital and Institude System - 13-years-old reputable unit with 3 hospitals and 10 aethetics institutes licensed by the Ministry of Health

  • "Father" of two reality TV shows about aethetics: Makeover Journey and Beauty Up

  • Experience system spanning 11 provinces and cities in all 3 regions: North - Central - South

  • A team of 300+ experts, speciallized aethetics doctors with pratice certificates, members of the Vietnamese and Korean Aesthetics Association

  • Trusted choice of singers Duc Phuc, Miss Phan Thi Mo, actress Phi Thanh Van... and more than 1.2 million customers

1578+ Kangnam brand
ambassadors nationwide
Are you ready to join Kangnam in "Spreading Beauty
and Love to millions of women" mission?

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